SMS management for sports teams

Kick off great team communication

Score points with players, parents and fans with String’s winning SMS options and automations. Instantly text:

  • Schedule changes

    Keep parents and team up-to-date
  • Important links

    Automatically provide access to registration or fundraising opportunities
  • Game updates

    Blast fans game locations, stats and finals

Multiply your multitasking superpowers with String’s premium voice and text optimization. Expedite communications with call forwarding, voicemail transcription and autoresponder templates, available directly from your desktop or mobile device.

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Modern messaging for your roster

Keep your team and fans in the game

98% open rates in SMS marketing make String’s SMS and voice solutions an essential for coaches, captains and league leadership. String’s automated text messaging provides ease-of-use, affordability and power-packed versatility.

Scale up your communications in a snap with String’s dynamic customization possibilities. Foster team spirit and court a dedicated fan-base with segmented lists to easily customize interactive, automated and personalized messaging to specific audiences. No need for your audience to download any additional apps or software.

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  • Automations

    Flexibility at your fingertips. String’s extensive automations keep you ahead of the game with built-in templates to quickly text players and parents location changes, game images and more. Engage fans with SMS sports trivia and Text-to-Win contests.
  • 1-to-1 Texting & SMS Blasts

    Use 1-to-1 text messaging as a team communication channel. Confirm player enrollments and send game reminders. Send tailored and personalized SMS announcements, weather delays and updates to specific audiences like team members or fans.
  • Contact List Management

    Don’t get lost in your inbox. Easily organize contacts with tags and notes. Immediately find players, parents, vendors and volunteers with search and filter features. Tag contacts and voicemail transcriptions to segment specific lists.

SMS communications for sports teams and leagues


Kickoff your season with a bang. Enhance team visibility and put fans in seats with interactive text messaging and mobile campaigns. Post keywords on game signage and scoreboards to energize fans with SMS highlights, player stats, contests, merchandise, giveaways and more.


Leverage your competitive edge and galvanize players with daily challenges and inspirations, game updates and health reminders. Use 1-to-1 texting to individualize messaging, or keep your players in the loop with mass or group messaging.


Text registration deadlines, location changes, and event notifications in personalized mass messages to parents, directly from your laptop or cellphone. Missed a call during a practice? Fast-track your follow-up by quickly viewing voicemail transcriptions and sending automated text replies.

Stay relevant to your team’s communications considerations. With over over 20 robust features, String lets you superpower your conversations, scale up your responsiveness, and never miss a message again.

Professional SMS Solutions

Increase team visibility

Quickly communicate with players

Foster dedicated fans

Manage texts and calls

Improve response rates

9 in 10 consumers prefer to text with their favorite businesses. Are your customer touchpoints built for a messaging-first, remote world?

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Designed to automate your team messaging


Import, add, tag and note to organize & segment your contacts.


Mass Texting

Send mass messages to specific audiences at the same time.

Segment Tags

Tag contacts to segment and send targeted, relevant messages.


Keyword Responses

Create keyword campaigns to build lead lists, run promotions, etc.

Message Templates

Preformatted and personalizable text message templates.


Connect web apps you already use to your String account.

WiFi Calling

Place and receive calls over WiFi in app or on the web.

Multiple Numbers

Add multiple phone numbers, each with separate inboxes.

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Drive fan & team engagement

Get your messages to the right audience without jumping through hoops. Let String’s advanced features and user-friendly interface give an assist with built-in-templates, categorized contact lists and customized keyword responders.

With SMS response rates averaging up to 8xs higher than email responses, Strings multipurpose text solutions provide advantages you can’t afford to miss. Save time and money while expanding your communication reach across audiences.

  • Foster loyalty

    Create exclusive perks and incentive “clubs” for loyal fans.
  • Personalize messages

    Instantly merge individual contacts’ first names into mass texts with personalization fields.
  • Quickly update & organize contact lists

    Use features like tags, notes, lists and voicemail transcription to identify specific audiences.
  • Auto-replies & away messages

    Automatic text replies and away messages allow you to respond instantly anytime and anywhere.

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Thousands of app integrations

Infinite opportunities. Integrate with thousands of platforms like Trainerize, Gymsales and Quickbooks to expedite your management and marketing flow. Connect to email, social media, and countless client engagement tools directly from your String account.







Zoho CRM


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Power-up your number or get a new one

  • Add superpowers to your existing phone number
    Transfer your existing phone number to String to begin using texting, calling, and direct messaging superpowers.
  • Get a new String phone number of your choice
    String includes a local phone number of your choice, along with millions of options for toll free, premium and vanity phone numbers for purchase.

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