SMS messaging for churches and ministries

Cultivate connection and community

Send daily devotionals, event images, weekly announcements and introduce special projects in personalized, mass, group or 1-to-1 messages. Encourage members with:

  • Daily devotionals

    Interactive inspiration & scripture texts
  • Group updates

    Share prayer requests and small group news
  • Weekly announcements

    Blast entire membership events and information

Witness multitasking miracles with String’s premium voice and text optimization, call forwarding, voicemail transcription and text-to-landline options.

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Multiply member engagement

Messaging for churches & religious organizations

98% open rates in SMS marketing make String’s SMS, MMS and voice solutions an essential for church communications. String’s automated text messaging provides ease-of-use, affordability, and power-packed versatility.

Empower your superhero staff with String’s dynamic customization options and multiple user access. Help your church members invest in their individual faith and collective community through convenient and consistent SMS outreach and engagement.

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  • Automations

    Flexibility at your fingertips. String’s countless automations help you stay proactive with built-in templates, text-to-landline and keyword autoresponders for interactive micro-content, visitor questions, church feedback surveys and more.
  • 1-to-1 Texting & SMS Blasts

    Use 1-to-1 text messaging as an attendee communication channel. Send personalized ministry outreach updates, Bible Study and event registration confirmations. Create segmented mass messages and blasts for specific contact lists, or use group messaging for staff communications.
  • Contact List Management

    Don’t get lost in your inbox. Easily organize contacts and conversations with tags and notes. Immediately find visitors, members, volunteers and staff with search and filter features.

Maximize your communications reach

Visitor Follow Up

Quickly follow-up with first-time visitors using 1-to-1 or personalized mass messaging. Can’t answer calls on Sundays? Use text-to-landline auto responses to instantly reply with information about service times and directions. Voicemail transcription for missed calls lets you quickly search and tag contacts and move conversations to specific lists for faster follow up.

Members & Ministries

Do you serve a unique need or specific population? Increase your ministry’s visibility with customizable, personalized automated text messaging. Instantly share verses, prayer requests, devotionals and event images to specific groups or ministry lists. Open your sermon for discussion, receive questions before, during or after service to more directly interact with your guests.

Staff Communication

Improve your staff communications capacity with multiple phone numbers and multiple user access across devices. Send time-sensitive updates to your entire staff list, or use 1-to-1 messaging to update individual leaders with information like room changes, etc. Use group messaging to enhance staff solidarity with good news updates, prayer and praise reports, friendly staff contests and more.

Stay relevant to your church’s communications considerations. With over 20 robust features, String lets you superpower your conversations, scale up your responsiveness, and never miss a message again.

Professional SMS Solutions

Enhance church visibility

Generate interest and involvement

Receive texts via landline

Personalize promotion blasts

Streamline staff communications

9 in 10 consumers prefer to text with their favorite businesses. Are your customer touchpoints built for a messaging-first, remote world?

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Designed to automate your community messaging


Import, add, tag and note to organize & segment your contacts.


Mass Texting

Send mass messages to specific audiences at the same time.

Segment Tags

Tag contacts to segment and send targeted, relevant messages.


Keyword Responses

Create keyword campaigns to build lead lists, run promotions, etc.

Message Templates

Preformatted and personalizable text message templates.


Connect web apps you already use to your String account.

WiFi Calling

Place and receive calls over WiFi in app or on the web.

Multiple Numbers

Add multiple phone numbers, each with separate inboxes.

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Improve stewardship and build relationships

Demonstrate financial and environmental stewardship to your church and community. Save money, waste less, engage more. Print fewer weekly bulletins and post keywords on worship projector screens, etc. I.e.: “Text ‘announcements’ to 858 753 LIFE for this week’s Coming Events!” Never miss a guest with text-to-landline, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, built-in-templates and customized keyword responders.

Catalyze a faithful & committed community

  • Engage ministries

    Send updates, special projects, devotionals and prayer requests to your entire congregation, or to specific ministry lists.
  • Personalize messages

    Use personalization fields to tailor texts to contact’s first names.
  • Faster follow up

    Easily search for voicemail transcriptions, aiding timely follow-up and contact organization.
  • Improve response

    Automatic text replies let your church respond instantly, anytime and anywhere.

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Thousands of app integrations

Infinite possibilities. Integrate with thousands of platforms like Mailchimp, Planning Center, and Square to expedite your communications and outreach flow. Connect to your CRM, website, social media, and countless tools directly from your String account.



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Zoho CRM

Constant Contact

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Power-up your number or get a new one

  • Add superpowers to your existing phone number
    Transfer your existing phone number to String to begin using texting, calling, and direct messaging superpowers.
  • Get a new String phone number of your choice
    String includes a local phone number of your choice, along with millions of options for toll free, premium and vanity phone numbers for purchase.

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