SMS marketing for small businesses

Manage your customer communications over SMS

From landscaping and construction, to pet grooming or automotive repairs, String’s numerous scalable features enable small businesses of all kinds to increase sales and attract customers.

  • Promotions & discounts

    Excite customers with deals & coupons
  • Loyalty rewards

    Foster loyal customers with exclusive benefits
  • Dispatch tool

    Quickly connect with field staff, vendors and customers

Multiply your multitasking superpowers with String’s premium voice and text optimization, call forwarding, voicemail transcription and text-to-landline options, available directly from your desktop or mobile device.

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Instantly connect with customers

Messaging for shops, trades and entreprenuers

98% open rates in SMS marketing make String’s SMS and voice solutions an essential for small business professionals. String’s automated text messaging provides ease-of-use, affordability, and power-packed versatility.

Empower your superhero staff with String’s dynamic customization possibilities. Segment lists to send SMS announcements and offers to specific groups of customers. Convert one-time visitors into committed clients through SMS coupon codes and exclusive benefits for returning guests.

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  • Automations

    Flexibility at your fingertips. String’s extensive automations let you stay ahead of the game with built-in templates and keyword autoresponders for special offers, promotional campaigns and more. Create segmented mass messages and blasts for specific customer lists.
  • 1-to-1 Texting & SMS Blasts

    Use 1-to-1 text messaging as a customer service and staff communication channel. Improve your dispatch to hard-to-reach staff in the field with fast information distribution. Send time-sensitive updates, contractor and vendor communications in group or individual messages. Quickly notify clients of changes or delays.
  • Contact List Management

    Don’t get lost in your inbox. Easily organize contact lists with tags and notes. Immediately find clients, vendors and staff with search and filter features. Tag voicemail transcriptions for faster client and staff follow-up.

Build and maintain your core clients

Generate Demand

Do you serve a unique or specific market? Increase your brand visibility with proactive automated text messaging. Generate ongoing demand with String’s automated SMS and MMS messaging. Instantly send coupons, rewards, status updates, or new product images to customers.


Maximize your marketing reach and capture customer attention with creative campaigns and automated keyword responders. Expand your customer base with “Spread the Word” promotions for faithful customers. Help customers feel invested in your company. Foster brand recognition by encouraging reviews and customer feedback.

Follow Up

Build rapport and augment revenues by recognizing core customers with exclusive offers and benefits. Missed the phone during a rush? Create automated text replies for missed calls. Send and receive texts from a landline number. String’s intuitive follow-up features facilitate lasting relationships with satisfied clients.

Stay relevant to your client’s communications considerations. With over 20 robust features, String lets you superpower your conversations, scale up your responsiveness, and never miss a message again.

Professional SMS Solutions

Increase brand visibility

Generate demand

Personalize promotions blasts

Segment contacts to target audiences

Use as a customer service channel

9 in 10 consumers prefer to text with their favorite businesses. Are your customer touchpoints built for a messaging-first, remote world?

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Designed to automate your business messaging


Import, add, tag and note to organize & segment your contacts.


Mass Texting

Send mass messages to specific audiences at the same time.

Segment Tags

Tag contacts to segment and send targeted, relevant messages.


Keyword Responses

Create keyword campaigns to build lead lists, run promotions, etc.

Message Templates

Preformatted and personalizable text message templates.


Connect web apps you already use to your String account.

WiFi Calling

Place and receive calls over WiFi in app or on the web.

Multiple Numbers

Add multiple phone numbers, each with separate inboxes.

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Increase client retention and engagement

Add keywords to signage, social media campaigns, websites and automated messages to create targeted announcements and advertisements. Never miss a customer with text-to-landline, call forwarding, voicemail transcription, built-in-templates and customized keyword responders. With SMS response rates averaging up to 8x’s higher than email responses, String’s text solutions provide advantages you can’t afford to miss.

Scalability for small businesses

  • Motivate customers

    Create exclusive perks and incentive “clubs” for loyal customers.
  • Personalize messages

    Personalization fields tailor texts to client’s first names.
  • Communications & dispatch

    Use as a dispatch tool to quickly reach staff and contractors on the field.
  • Auto-replies & away messages

    Automatic text replies and away messages allow you to respond instantly to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Thousands of app integrations

Infinite opportunities. Integrate with thousands of platforms like Square, Salesforce, ZOHO and Quickbooks to expedite your management and marketing flow. Connect to email, social media, and countless customer engagement tools directly from your String account.







Zoho CRM

Constant Contact

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Power-up your number or get a new one

  • Add superpowers to your existing phone number
    Transfer your existing phone number to String to begin using texting, calling, and direct messaging superpowers.
  • Get a new String phone number of your choice
    String includes a local phone number of your choice, along with millions of options for toll free, premium and vanity phone numbers for purchase.

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