Who we are

We are a team of innovators and developers with decades of combined experience in software and telecommunications.

We’re infusing our diverse knowledge-base into String, a perfect synthesis of both industries. We are confident in String’s vast versatility and unique capacity to empower businesses and organizations of all sizes and across industry sectors.

We propel purpose

We applaud purpose. Behind every great product or service is a person or team with extraordinary purpose. We constantly refine our solutions to provide out-of-this-world service, so you can exceptionally effectuate your purpose.

We launch legends

You are a legend in the making. We help you excel in your business operations, from customer journeys to staff communications. String streamlines and centralizes your workflow so you can avoid bottlenecks and backlogs.

We accelerate action

We help you do what you do, better. We offer stellar solutions to build your brand positioning. Our telecommunications software improves your processes and productivity so you can efficiently facilitate your objectives.

Takeoff with String

The most powerful phone app for the modern professional.

Increase productivity, effectiveness and responsiveness with powerful messaging automations.

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