Supercharged SMS marketing features


Import, add, tag and note to organize & segment your contacts.


Mass Texting

Send mass messages to specific audiences at the same time.

Segment Tags

Tag contacts to segment and send targeted, relevant messages.


Unlimited Keywords

Build as many keyword automated responders as you need.

Message Templates

Preformatted and personalizable text message templates.


Keyword Responses

Create keyword campaigns to build lead lists, run promotions, etc.



Connect web apps you already use to your String account.

WiFi Calling

Place and receive calls over WiFi in app or on the web.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Add multiple phone numbers, each with separate inboxes.

Multiple Users

Add multiple account users, per inbox, to access messaging.


Send and receive SMS and MMS in app or on the web.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls out to any US or Canadian phone number.


Allow callers to go to voicemail and leave you a message.

Voicemail Transcription

Voicemail messages are transcribed to text right in your inbox.

Group Messaging

Send SMS messages to multiple members of a list at once.

Local Numbers

Use String to send and receive calls and texts on a local number.


Add text messaging to your existing landline phone number.

Text Opt-Out

Automatically filters numbers who have unsubscribed from your texts.

Inbox View

View inbox and individual conversations in a split panel view.

List View

Organize lists of conversation threads in a Kanban-style view.


Quickly search your entire contact list and message inbox.


Filter contacts and conversations by tags, lists, unread, & unresponded.


Let String handle messages when you can’t be disturbed.

Missed Call Responses

Automated and custom SMS replies sent to missed calls.

Away Messages

Send SMS auto replies to incoming calls and texts while Unavailable.

Mobile App

Manage your inbox and calls with our iOS and Android apps.

Personalize Messages

Built-in personalization fields instantly tailor texts to first names.


Drip Campaigns

Create simple drip campaigns with keyword responders.

Push Notifications

See new messages across devices, even while away from String.

Toll Free / Vanity Numbers

String supports toll free and vanity phone numbers.

Unlimited Characters

Don’t limit yourself. If you can’t say it in 160 characters, it’s ok.

Customer Feedback

Use as a tool to receive feedback from your customers.

No Contracts

And no pressure. Stay with us as long (or short) as you need.

Power-up your number or get a new one

  • Add superpowers to your existing phone number
    Transfer your existing phone number to String to begin using texting, calling, and direct messaging superpowers.
  • Get a new String phone number of your choice
    String includes a local phone number of your choice, along with millions of options for toll free, premium and vanity phone numbers for purchase.

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String integrates with thousands of apps and services you already use.







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