Messaging solution for all industries

String is a cloud-based direct phone line and messaging solution that scales and modernizes business texting, calling, and direct messaging.

Retail Stores

Increase sales and excite your customers with “text-to-win” contests, new arrival product images, special offers and more.

Restaurants & Breweries

Hook customers with coupon codes, BOGO offers, entree photos and loyalty rewards using personalized mass messaging.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Send promotions, micro-content, daily challenges and reminders. Keep your clients on their toes while bulking up your sales and memberships.

Real Estate

Immediately engage prospects with site-specific property images, listing and Open House information using keyword autoresponders.

Tourism & Hospitality

Provide instantaneous concierge service. Avoid no-shows with booking confirmations and reminders. Quickly notify guests of last-minute deals, openings, weather delays.

Churches & Religious Organizations

Text daily devotionals, event images, verses and weekly announcements with personalized, mass, group or 1-to-1 messages.

Sports Teams

Instantly send schedule changes, registration links, and game updates to specific audience lists like parents, players and fans.

Small Business

From landscaping to auto repair, amplify your dispatch and customer communication with text-to-landline options and extensive automations.

Nonprofits & Charities

Quickly reach volunteers. Share urgent needs and opportunities. Educate and inspire supporters while increasing visibility and funding.

Online Stores & eCommerce

Create stellar guest experiences with 1-to-1 text messaging as an additional customer service channel. Share deals with mass messaging.

Text marketing is what customers want

In 2021, over 3.8 Billion people own smartphones. 67 Million Americans redeem coupons via mobile phones as of 2021.

of clients want to receive offers via SMS.

of customers read texts within 1-5 minutes after receiving them.

open rate compared to email marketing

higher CTR rate for offer messages compared to any other digital channel.

(Source: Tech Jury)

Leading-edge SMS and calling features


Import, add, tag and note to organize & segment your contacts.


Mass Texting

Send mass messages to specific audiences at the same time.

Segment Tags

Tag contacts to segment and send targeted, relevant messages.


Keyword Responses

Create keyword campaigns to build lead lists, run promotions, etc.

Message Templates

Preformatted and personalizable text message templates.


Connect web apps you already use to your String account.

WiFi Calling

Place and receive calls over WiFi in app or on the web.

Multiple Numbers

Add multiple phone numbers, each with separate inboxes.

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Integrates with apps you already use

String integrates with thousands of apps and services you already use.







Zoho CRM

Constant Contact





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Power-up your number or get a new one

  • Add superpowers to your existing phone number
    Transfer your existing phone number to String to begin using texting, calling, and direct messaging superpowers. Sting even works with your existing landline phone number.
  • Get a new String phone number of your choice
    String includes a local phone number of your choice, along with millions of options for toll free, premium and vanity phone numbers for purchase.

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