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Automate your workflow and gain more leads with countless integrations.

Work smarter, not harder, with integrations – an ingenious way to make your life a little happier. Getting by with just the “bare bones” of your technology? If you aren’t capitalizing on integrations between your software applications and platforms, you’re definitely missing out. It’s time to unlock the game-changing potential of integrations. Your world just might improve for the better (or at least your workflow.)

While the term “integrations” might sound terrifying, you don’t have to overthink it. Integrations can be as easy as clicking a few simple buttons. And they can revolutionize the efficiency of your workflow, better organize your data and help you gain and retain more leads and clients.

You no longer need to manually copy and paste data across spreadsheets, databases, contact lists, etc. Integrations can offer the instant key to seamless interactions between completely unrelated software platforms and apps, streamlining and automating work that could otherwise be both tedious and time-consuming.

What are integrations?

So what are integrations?

Technically, integrations “are built on APIs (application programming interface) and allow for the flow of information between apps, connecting your software together so everything can be used in unison.”

More simply stated, integrations connect multiple apps and platforms together so they can share information and data and work together in complementary and compatible ways.

We won’t overwhelm you with the technical intricacies that go into the backend of integrations, however. To help you take advantage of the countless integration opportunities available to you between software platforms, you should first ask yourself what your end goal is as a user.

Knowing what you want to achieve will help you understand which platforms you should integrate together, and how. Understanding this first will help you set up the correct “triggers and actions” to maximize your integrations.

Utilizing integrations

Because there are thousands and thousands of integrations available between software applications, your most important step is to determine what processes in your workflow could improve in efficiency. 

For instance, you may have a contact form on your website which sends an email to you notifying you when an individual enters their information. But instead of copy and pasting it to your database, you could use an integration between your website contact form and your database or CRM to automatically create and populate a new contact entry in your CRM.

Multiplying your SMS marketing with integrations

When determining what SMS marketing platform is best for you, look for platforms that offer integrations. Turn your SMS marketing number into a lead-capturing, multipurpose powerhouse. 

Make your phone number work for you. Integrations let you connect your contacts and text messages with your lead-capturing software, project management systems, and so much more. 
To access thousands of integrations, check out popular integration tools like Zapier and others. (While there are alternatives to Zapier, it’s arguably the “best” and most commonly used, so we’ll use Zapier as an example.) Zapier allows users to create “zaps” between various software platforms to help users do just about anything!

What’s a Zap

So, what’s a zap? Connecting a “trigger” to an “action” in Zapier allows you to create a “zap” (basically an integration.) A zap can automate actions like adding a new contact from String into your CRM database, contact spreadsheet, etc. 

Benefits of Zapping

Zapier integrates thousands of apps and platforms together, allowing you to streamline your workflow and make your systems work together however you’d like to customize them. For instance, you could create a zap that lets you integrate String with your Trello board, etc. so you can move valuable text messages into action items in your project management system. Or you could create a zap between your String and Slack, notifying you when you’ve received a String message, so you never miss an important text.

Give your phone number superpowers

String’s integrations give your phone number endless possibilities. Let your phone number work magic through Zapier’s countless connections with platforms like Salesforce, Google, Typeform, and more. Tap into vast opportunities to maximize your leads and consolidate your workflow with String!

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